"Our Story" by Joel Hennessy

Bill Lanik, Brian Prudoehl, and I have been singing together since 2003.  We met at our church, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Lewiston, where we sang together in the church choir and as liturgical cantors.  We quickly realized that God had a plan…that we were being called to be instruments of the Holy Spirit in spreading the “Good News” through music.  Bill, Brian, and I did not know each other prior to the “crossing” of our paths at church.  As a matter of fact, our lives were very different…each of us coming from different backgrounds, life experiences, and musical abilities.  Our individual singing voices and styles are completely different and logically should not blend and harmonize very well.  However, when we sing together, our voices become one instrument which we believe is directed by the Holy Spirit.  

Bill and Brian both have extensive musical experience.  Each has been involved in bands a good part of their lives.  Bill comes with a love for classic rock and Brian with a soft rock/country/barbershop passion.  I was inspired to sing later in life when I was “born again” through God’s saving grace which healed me from the disease of alcoholism. Without any vocal training, I had an unpolished “choirboy” voice but Bill and Brian are slowly loosening me up and the Holy Spirit is providing the inspiration!  We share several things in common which keeps us busy an average of 3 weekends per month…Love for God, passion for music and a desire to help others…especially youth.

In August of 2004, we officially incorporated as Christian Crossings, Inc., a non-profit, charitable, 501(c)(3) organization established to “Enliven the Spirit through Music.”  We were inspired to form a charitable corporation because we quickly realized that many people share our beliefs and are willing to support our mission financially.  We raise funds through performance fees, free-will offerings, donations, and sales of our CD’s and other religious merchandise.  Christian Crossings is 100% volunteer staffed including Bill, Brian, and I.  We draw no monetary compensation for our services.  We each have a “regular” full-time job to support our families.  All net proceeds we raise are used to support Christian youth ministry.   

Our goal is to continue our programs to further help youth reach their full potential through Christ Jesus.  Our mission is to provide youth opportunities to draw closer to their faith.  It is our core belief that all of us need to get back to the basics and instill in our children a solid set of values and morals based on the virtues Christ taught.

Christian Crossings, Inc. is an ecumenical Christian organization.  Bill, Brian and I are Catholic and we cannot stress enough that we are an ecumenical organization whose purpose is to strengthen and unify all faiths as a Christian community.  Our funding is obtained accordingly as is the awarding of Christian Crossings financial assistance.  We promote and encourage everyone to become active in their individual faith whatever denomination it may be.  Our focus is the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Christian Crossings is NOT a church…we exist to spread the Good News and direct people to the church of their choosing where they can deepen their faith with the help of ordained ministers and supportive congregations.

It is hoped that the “crossing” of our paths here will provide inspiration for you to step forward and reinforce the need for strong youth programs based on values, morals and virtues.  Our kids need direction…they seek direction.  It is our responsibility to provide the guidance, the boundaries, and the road map for becoming successful, well-rounded human beings.  We believe that road map has always existed in a single book…the Holy Bible.  It’s time to Arise & Shine!  It’s time for every Christian to step out of our boat...every good deed makes a difference...and every person touched will eventually ‘pay it forward’....afterall, we are The Body of Christ!
Meet Our Musicians

Bill, Joel, and Brian
       Bill Lanik   Joel Hennessy  Brian Prudoehl

Joel Hennessy is a vocalist who lives in Lewiston, MN with his wife Jodi and their four children, Kaitlyn, Elizabeth, Thomas and Anna. Joel's love for music has been a lifelong affair, but it was the Grace of God which lifted Joel from a difficult time in his life and called him to sing!  Joel serves in Pastoral Center in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Winona as the Director of Mission Advancement.  He also enjoys working with youth at St. Rose of Lima as the director of Confirmation.

Joel can be contacted at joelh@christiancrossings.org

Brian Prudoehl is a vocalist who lives in Lewiston, MN with his wife Wanda and their two sons, John and Bradley.  Brian's love and passion for music is evident.  He has been involved with a number of bands and shares his talents willingly.  When not singing or enjoying time with his family, he is an electrician.

Brian can be contacted at brianp@christiancrossings.org

Bill Bill Lanik is a vocalist who lives in Lewiston, MN. His is also a lifelong love of music!  He has been involved in bands and vocal performance all of his life.  Bill's harmonic talents are what give Crossings their "unique" sound.  Bill is a retail sales professional in Winona, MN.  He has four grown children, Aaron, Adam, Alex and Angela.  

Bill can be contacted at billl@christiancrossings.org

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