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We hope you will join us in our mission to enliven and empower youth and families to make a difference in communities in the name of Jesus Christ!  Enjoy your visit and check back often to see the great things God is doing through this ministry.

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Christian Crossings, Inc., Crossings, is a non-profit charitable organization established to "Enliven the Spirit Through Music"; especially focused on empowering youth and families to positively make a difference in the world by bringing them closer to Christ.

Our purpose is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to as many people as we can through music, words, and our actions.  We do this through live performances, recorded song, appearances, and special events/projects.

Our commitment is to support spiritual development for those of all ages.  Our desire is to promote involvement in Christian retreats, missions, community service and educational opportunities.  Our mission is non-denominational.

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